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Business and Community


Engaging the Community

The Foyer strives to be more than a place that helps young people during a difficult period of their lives. We aim to be at the nucleus of the community, making best use of our resources to help the Foyer positively engage with community groups and individuals that live within the community, ultimately reducing social exclusion and eliminating misconceptions of the Foyer. Our relationship and reputation within the local community is further strengthened through proactive representation on a variety of local forums and groups.

Watercourse Road and Madden's Buildings, Blackpool

Watercourse Road Madden's Buildings, Blackpool

Training Facility

The Foyer encourages groups from the community to use its fantastic and fully equipped self contained training facility, in and around internal training programmes. All income raised through donations is paid directly into the Foyer Resident Hardship and Participation Fund.

External Wokshop

We have adapted the Foyer garage into a garage that is currently being used by Cork Community Bikes.  Their small team works on a totally voluntary basis, providing a range of training and learning activities for local youth groups and schools, whilst promoting sustainable development for the wider City. 
(See our Activities page)

The Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe is situated on the grounds of the Cork Foyer and is located in a beautiful Victorian style glasshouse; it offers spectacular views of Blackpool and is open daily (Mon - Fri) for morning coffee, freshly baked scones and lunches. The Garden Cafe is operated by Churchfield Community Trust and provides a therapeutic working environment, allowing service users to gain work experience, including food and beverage service, customer service and cash handling etc.

The Toddler Play Park and Seating Area

The purpose built secure toddler play park at the rear of the Foyer not only provides a respite place in a community that is experiencing heavy commercial and residential regeneration, but provides the Foyer with further opportunities to engage with the local community and make best use of the green area.  

Without replicating existing services, and ensuring that we keep in focus with the overall Foyer ethos, the Foyer will continue to be innovative in how it productively increases the number of people who use its facilities from the local community. Therefore, the Foyer would welcome members of the local community that wish to organise an event or activity that would directly benefit the Foyer or the wider community.