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Foyer Experience



Each year, the Cork Foyer provides an opportunity for a small number of students who are required to do a placement as part of their course.  It is a residential experience working within a small team of Manager, Deputy Manager, Project Workers and Administrator. 

The opportunity allows students to work with staff and residents, and get a feel for working in a unique transitional homeless residential setting.  Each year the Foyer provides student placements for CIT and UCC, and here are their experiences:

“Attending support sessions and interacting with current residents has given me great practical experience. The Foyer has benefited me in both my professional and personal development aspirations, and has further increased my interest of preventing homelessness in the future.”
Aoibhinn Devery

“What has been most beneficial for me is working closely with the Project Workers, who have been very encouraging and supportive. From my time at the Foyer, I have concluded that I would like a career in this type of environment.”
Sally Murphy

“My placement has provided the insight of the importance of structured protocol and policies that in place can make the transition for someone easy and provide a feeling of established security. I have seen the success that Cork Foyer has had in resettling residents into their own permanent accommodation, and the positive effect and increased self confidence that experience has had for the young people.”
Tanya O’Sullivan

If you are interested in taking up a placement opportunity at the Foyer please contact the Foyer.