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How to Complain

How to Complain

  1. Policy Statement
  2. How to Complain
  3. Complaints Procedure Flowchart
  4. Right of Appeal
  5. Complaint Form

2. How to Complain

The Foyer takes all complaints very seriously as from time to time, things can go wrong. It is very important to you and to us that we respond as quickly as possible when they do, and that we learn from the outcome. To help us achieve this, the Foyer operates a very open and rigorous Complaints Policy.

You can make a complaint if you are:

  • A current or former resident
  • A trainee attending a Foyer programme
  • A visitor to the  project
  • A member of the community
  • Another organisation affected by our work

We hope to resolve every complaint at the very first stage of the Complaints Procedure through informal means, but operate several other stages depending on the severity of the complaint and your level of satisfaction.

How to complain:
Quite simply, a complainant or their advocate should inform a member of staff about their complaint – this can be in person, by completing a Foyer complaint form, by letter, by e-mail or over the telephone.

Our Acknowledgement:
The member of staff who has accepted your complaint will endeavour to resolve the matter immediately. Where this is not possible, the member of staff will acknowledge your complaint, or the complaint from your advocate in writing within 5 working days. The letter will include a unique reference log number and the name of the key member of staff dealing with your complaint. 

Every complaint will be monitored by the Foyer Manager from start to finish. Should the complaint be of a serious nature or about a member of staff, the complaint will bypass stage one of the procedure. The complainant or their advocate will be advised that the complaint is being dealt with at stage 2 or 3 of the Foyers Complaint Procedure. See Complaint Procedure Flowchart.