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Move On

Move On

A fundamental element of the resettlement process at the Foyer is the regular assessment of resident's ability to live independently and the type of move-on housing and support they will eventually require. This process starts at the referral stage before a person has moved into the Foyer when an initial assessment has been made of their housing and support needs.

Throughout the residents stay, Cork Foyer, through its innovative programmes, aims to equip young people with the essential skills for an independent life beyond the Foyer. Therefore, resettlement is an integral part of each residents support plan from the day they move into the Foyer.

Residents are encouraged to be proactive and realistic with their preferred choice of longer term housing and move on aspirations. The Foyer strives to positively assist the transitional process into permanent or more appropriate housing, using available resources, and co-operating with other housing providers in the public and/or private sector.

To mention one recent success Sophia Housing Association have assigned two 'move on' apartments for the specific use of former residents of the Foyer who have used the Foyer service positively and to their advantage.

Residents are currently able to avail of the following resettlement services operated from the Foyer:

  • Assistance with relevant grant applications (if appropriate)
  • Information and advice on a variety of housing options
  • Information and advice on differing forms of tenancies
  • Advice on purchasing furniture etc
  • Tenants legal rights

The Foyer also provides property visits within its current resources and where appropriate links into other local resettlement services. As the Foyer's own service develops, it is envisaged that the Foyer will increase its own resettlement services to meet the individual needs of its current and former residents.