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Communications: ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

Communications : ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

This is a FETAC Level III course which runs for 15 weeks. Candidates who successfully complete this literacy module will apply communication skills relevant to personal and social development and be able to demonstrate interactive skills. Students are required to reflect on personal, educational and vocational experiences and engage in independent learning.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a personal learning plan
  • Review and adapt the learning plan as necessary
  • Practice different ways of learning in different situtations
  • Interpret common signs and symbols
  • Interpret common non-verbal messages
  • Use non-verbal signals to convey a specific message
  • Extract the main facts, ideas and opinions from a variety of spoken sources
  • Start and maintain conversation in different settings
  • Describe events, procedures and processes
  • Tell a story or anecdote
  • Express personal opinions