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Computing/IT: ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

IT Sessions 

This is a FETAC Level III course and is suitable for those who wish to develop their basic understanding of using a computer and information technology.  It gives participants the skill to use the most common form of information technology which is practical for everyday life.  There are 5 units in total and these cover computer theory, word processing, internet, e-mail and file management.

FETAC Level IV in IT and Computer Applications are also available at Cork Foyer for those participants who have achieved Level III and want to progress their IT skills further.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Identify basic computer parts
  • Load a word program, and save and print a document
  • Input data, inserting symbols from keyboard and editing and aligning text
  • Use of spell check
  • Load a web browser and access a website
  • Navigate using links
  • Load an email program
  • Open and send an email
  • Attach a document
  • Find a file on the PC and create/ delete a folder
  • Move a file from PC to floppy Disk
  • Scan an image/document