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Food & Cookery: YMCA & ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

Cookery Sessions

This course is a FETAC Level III course but can also be delivered in a general way for those who want to get involved in the practical side of cooking and not achieve a qualification.  It is delivered by the YMCA, and the qualification in FETAC Level III is accredited through ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme.  This course enables participants to develop the skills necessary to prepare and serve food efficiently and safely and allows for participants to work as part of a team as well as express their own creativity.  The cookery module is held twice a week.  The sessions are also structured to raise awareness of food hygiene, healthy eating and budgeting for meals.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Plan and prepare a healthy breakfast
  • Plan and prepare a healthy snack
  • Plan and prepare a healthy 3 course meal for four people
  • Serve meals
  • Work as part of a team
  • Food Pyramid
  • Health & safety & hygienic working practices
  • Evaluate finished products