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Fast Forward

Fast Forward: YMCA/Díon Project

This is a 14 weeks Lifeskills Programme, held once a week throughout the year.  This Programme has been structured to allow young adults to start at any given point throughout the Programme. 

Run by the DíonProject (YMCA), Fast Forward aims to provide independent living skills to young adults.  The aim is to assist with the development of necessary skills needed to secure and maintain independent living, ultimately equipping young adults with the skills needed to successfully manage a home.


Week 1:        Introduction to the Programme

Week 2:        Social Welfare: Rights and Entitlements

Week 3:        Threshold: Sustaining a Tenancy

Week 4:        Sexual Health/Relationships (First Session)

Week 5:        Sexual Health/Relationships (Second Session)

Week 6:        CCTU: Employment Rights

Week 7:        Life coaching

Week 8:        Health Eating/Lifestyle

Week 9:        Healthy Relationships (First Session)

Week 10:       Healthy Relationships (Second Session)

Week 11:       Aromatherapy

Week 12:       Dealing with Conflict

Week 13:       Budgeting

Week 14:       Programme Evaluation