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Personal & Interpersonal Skills: ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

Personal & Interpersonal Skills: ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

This course is a FETAC Level III Course and is suitable for individuals wishing to build a better understanding of a range of personal and interpersonal behaviour and learn the skills necessary for work, social and other life situations.  Trainee’s compile a personal profile to include likes and dislikes, personal values, hopes, fears and achievements.  Each student designs a Personal Plan of Action, outlining realistic goals, building healthier interaction skills whilst developing a better understanding of behaviours. 

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Design a Personal Plan of Action
  • Distinguish between personal rights and responsibilities
  • Recognise main social & cultural factors which can influence identity
  • Illustrate that decisions are a normal part of everyday life
  • Identify a range of decision-making styles
  • Reflect on the experience gained from personal decisions taken
  • Explore the nature of passive behaviour
  • Explore the nature of aggressive behaviour
  • Explore the nature of assertive behaviour
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour
  • Outline the characteristics of effective listening
  • Identify the key stages involved in the negotiation process