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Preparation for Work

Preparation for Work : ABLES Adult Literacy Scheme

This is a FETAC Level III course that runs for 14 weeks. The course focuses on preparing students for future employment, whilst heightening awareness of the different types of work opportunities and working styles available. The course allows each person to explore ways of matching their own personal qualities, interests and needs to potential employment opportunities.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained a general understanding of the world of work and will have gained practice in a range of skills needed in the workplace.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to distinguish between different ways of working.
  • Carry out a survey about different types of work and working life
  • Identify some ideal qualities on employers and employees
  • Identify possible sources of work in the locality
  • Determine his/her own personal strengths and weaknesses which are relevant to working life
  • Identify possible carers that would suit his/her own skills, qualities and interests
  • Make an application, real or simulated, for a job that is suitable to his/her own interests and capabilities.
  • Take part in a simulated interview for a chosen job.