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Helping residents with regard to employment is part of the training and support provided at Cork Foyer.  Each resident is provided with support in the following areas in relation to getting a job:

  • Identifying strengths and individual skills
  • CV & cover letter preparation
  • Job searching
  • Interview skills
  • Tips on how to hold onto a job

How it works

During your stay at the Foyer you will be required to participate in Cork Foyer’s employment programmes which can consist of 6 1 hour and 30 minute group sessions or can be tailored on more of a one to one basis in order to meet the needs of every resident. 

The aim of the employment programme is to ensure that residents are helped to identify their key skills in order to match this with relevant areas of employment, to help residents in compiling an up to date CV and preparing for a job interview, to help residents break down any personal barriers that may be preventing them from seeking employment, and to explore areas that may impact upon the well being of a resident at work and how to overcome them.

Further useful information that will help you prepare and apply for jobs can be accessed on and